Gallery of Selected Performances

From L to R:

  • 1) Love in the Time of Corona, directed by Bill Aitchison and featuring 高书以 Gao Shuyi, April 2020.
  • 2) “I Love China/我爱中国” at YUZ Museum for SURGE, December 2019.
  • 3-4) The Willing Take the Bait (Part One), directed by Bill Aitchison, May 2018.
  • 5-6) Drunk Hamlet, directed by James Costello, July 2018.
  • 7) The Vagina Monologues, directed by Napsugar Hegedus, May 2018. Photo by Shu Fei.
  • 8) Actor’s Atelier workshop, Paris, January 2019.
  • 9-10) “The Other Side” short film, written and directed by Bill Albert, May 2017.

Published by Alyssa C.

Writer & theatre artist from Iowa. Currently quarantining in the Pacific Northwest. MA in Intercultural Communication Studies from Shanghai Theatre Academy (expected 2021).

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