11/2019: Visit to Longhua Temple

The trip to Longhua Temple turned out to be an absolute treat. I was incredibly impressed with many aspects of the temple. I appreciated our walk around the courtyard before entering the main temple area to both put into context and admire the sheer age of Longhua Temple. The 40-meter tall pagoda in the courtyard…

English Voice [screenplay sketch]

Here’s a fun little screenplay sketch I wrote in honor of all the times I said, “I wish I was the English voice on the metro” while living in Nanjing, China.

Pandemic Year 2 (2021) Book Round-Up

My dear friend Chandler Webster and I decided that we both wanted to share our reading recommendations. I’m here to give you a full list of what I read this year, and the bolded ones with some blurbs under them are my HIGHLY recommended reads. I read so much this year. I think the need…

My Friend the Sunflower [prose]

Trigger Warning: body horror, mention of cutting skin            It wasn’t noticeable. Not at first, anyway, compared to the climate devastation around us.             It grew out of her shoulder, you see. When I first noticed it, it just looked like bumps beneath her black and grey tattoo. “Oh, I think I have some rash,”…


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