Ten-Minute/Short Plays

2 Actors

  • “Terraform” (10 min., 1 female-identifying actor in 20s, 1 male-identifying actor in 20s) – On a terraformed Mars, two coworkers wait to watch a large asteroid hit Earth and argue about the ethics of living on Mars.
  • “Truant” (10 min., 1 female-identifying actor in 20s, 1 male-identifying actor in late 20s-30s) – In China, an American drama teacher and her boss butt heads regarding art and education versus profit.
  • “Talking Ethics Before Ethics Class” (5 min., 2 actors any gender who are college-age) – A Zoom play taking place at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, where two classmates argue over the ethics of hoarding toilet paper and food.
  • “With a Whimper” (5 min., 2 actors any gender, any age) – Two lovers sit just before the end of the world and process that the end is near.
  • “Like a Second Mother” (10 min., 1 young adult female-identifying actor, 1 middle-aged female-identifying actor) – A telephone/audio play about a growing rift between one niece and aunt regarding abuse in the family.
  • “The Dimension Traveler” (10 min., 2 female-identifying actors in 20s) – A dimension traveler pays one last visit to a world that must end and meets the world’s caretaker.
  • “Bloody Hope” (10 min., 1 female-identifying actor in late teens, 1 male-identifying actor 20s-30s) – In the apocalypse, surviving is more than just staying alive: it is getting past guilt too.
  • “Another Beer” (10 min., 1 male-identifying actor in late teens, 1 male-identifying actor who is middle-aged) – A son feels he doesn’t live up to his father’s definition of manhood and decides to join the military, much to his father’s dismay.

3+ Actors

  • “Savior” (10 min. version) – A amnesiac girl wakes up on a ship after being rescued at sea by a mysterious fisherman. Published in INK Magazine Volume 11 (fall 2016).
  • “Red” (5-10 min.) – A queer reimagining of Little Red Riding Hood and how society defines “womanhood.” Published in The Translate Iowa Project’s Boundless volume 1 and also translated into Russian by Irina Kuznetsova (spring 2017).
  • “You Too” (10 min.) – A short play and monologue about the proliferation of rape culture by victim-blaming. Published in the Translate Iowa Project’s Boundless volume 3 and also translated into Chinese by Lynn Wang (spring 2019).
  • “The God Particle” (10 min.) – In the near future, two scientists experiment on a child to try and find God.
  • “Twenty-Three Years Later” (5 min.) – A play remembering Boulder shooting victim Neven Stanisic, for Code Red Playwrights. Available to read on New Play Exchange.
  • “297” (5 min.) – Inspired in part by the failed Bill 297 of Iowa, an attempted anti-abortion bill in 2017. An Iowa state senator bursts into an illegal abortion clinic looking for his wife.
  • “Thanks for the Second Amendment” (10 min.) – While traveling around the UK, an American and a British person argue about mass shootings, American gun culture, and lack of empathy.
  • “The Girls” (10 min.) – Three teenage girls open up at a sleepover at what gnaws at their souls.

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