Cheesy Love: a very fake rom-com trailer

COMING SOON A LOVE STORY LIKE NO OTHER [Enter TABITHA, standing imposingly in front of the Old Capitol. She’s small and cute, but not exactly your typical manic pixie dream girl. She crosses her arms. Tries to look tough.] IN A CITY LIKE NO OTHER [Shots of Iowa City on a weekend night: smokers outsideContinue reading “Cheesy Love: a very fake rom-com trailer”

A Short Response to Mr. Burns: a post-electric play by Anne Washburn

February 14, 2017.  Reading and seeing Mr. Burns, a post-electric play were two completely necessary and significant experiences. Watching the show here at the University of Iowa helped inform my thoughts from the script itself; however, to those who had not read the play before seeing the show, they expressed confusion and even indifference to whatContinue reading “A Short Response to Mr. Burns: a post-electric play by Anne Washburn”

Regenerative Iowa Ciy, Part Two: Policy and Education

In May 2015 I wrote a proposal as a final project for a class called Literature of the Anthropocene. My proposal was in regards in turning Iowa City into a regenerative city. While I hope we as a city take the initiatives needed to make this a reality, I’m going to be posting my longContinue reading “Regenerative Iowa Ciy, Part Two: Policy and Education”