On Payoff in Eudora Welty and James Baldwin’s Works

Written in September 2016.  — In several writing classes I have taken thus far, the idea of ‘payoff’ has been discussed thoroughly and in many different ways. In my understanding of it, it has come to mean not necessarily giving an expected ending but not deviating from the story’s innate trajectory. I find different yetContinue reading “On Payoff in Eudora Welty and James Baldwin’s Works”

An Overview of a Victim Turned Courageous (She Hopes, She Tries, She Can)

This is an overview/reflection paper I wrote at the conclusion of my Theatre Movement class. This class has changed my life in more ways than one, and I wanted to share a snippet of that journey here online. *** The semester commenced in its usual, creeping, quiet way for me. Beginning another set of classesContinue reading “An Overview of a Victim Turned Courageous (She Hopes, She Tries, She Can)”

A Reflection on Writing and Submitting

I submitted a short story to the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction because I’m crazy and of course I didn’t expect to get in, but I wanted to see what they said upon my submitting one of my stories. Apparently I had “some good writing,” but it “didn’t quit win [the editor] over.” Hmm. I’m stillContinue reading “A Reflection on Writing and Submitting”

On Love and Energy

Love is one of the most altering, significant forces on Earth (and beyond, I hope). It can take you to further heights or plummets than most any other emotion, and most everything else you feel links into the feeling of love and none of them can shake it. Love leaves me trembling with fear andContinue reading “On Love and Energy”