What Does It Mean to Make a Difference in the World?

I agonize over this as anyone with existential anxiety does, but especially so as a creator. What does it mean to make a difference in the world? Why are so many of us determined to leave our marks? Who are the people who have reconciled with the marks they will make versus won’t/once wished to?Continue reading “What Does It Mean to Make a Difference in the World?”

The Word is “Substitute”

Substitute, as a noun: a replacement, such as almond milk for dairy milk because fuck skim milk, it doesn’t do anything for the cow. A basketball player squelched to the benches unless his coach pries them off in a final moment of need. A surrogate father, a surrogate mother, a surrogate someone you never hadContinue reading “The Word is “Substitute””

Tick Tock, a musing on the speed of life

Give me time to slow down, to take it all in, to catch up. It moves too swiftly for anything to be sweet. Say what you must, but because I don’t have the time it zips past me without a second thought. If there could just be a simple halt, my body would relax; myContinue reading “Tick Tock, a musing on the speed of life”