Racism in the Dance World via Costuming

Yesterday I watched my little sister perform in her last dance recital before moving to L.A. in the fall to attend AMDA. I could not be more proud of her for going to further her training and to foster further love for dance, but the day was not without many thoughts. One thought that keptContinue reading “Racism in the Dance World via Costuming”

Regenerative Iowa City, Part Three: Permaculture, Community, and Culture

In May 2015 I wrote a proposal as a final project for a class called Literature of the Anthropocene. My proposal was in regards in turning Iowa City into a regenerative city. While I hope we as a city take the initiatives needed to make this a reality, I’m going to be posting my longContinue reading “Regenerative Iowa City, Part Three: Permaculture, Community, and Culture”

What a Great Story Should Have

1. A great story should have diversity. This includes having minority characters who play a substantial role and are not just there as a token stereotype.   2. A great story should have ambiguous characters or situations. By ambiguous I mean that the audience should not have all the characters figured out completely, that noContinue reading “What a Great Story Should Have”