Prose Projects

Witches Bound and Burned (tentative title) for NaNoWriMo 2021


The coven is bonded together in a way only the stars and magic know.

However, there are those in their midst who are not as benevolent as they think.

Belinda Kostopoulos does not speak, not anymore, not ever. However, after her high school bully Emmy Sullivan tries to kill her with magic on campus during their freshman year of college, Belinda unlocks her own dark magical power as she saves the life of Theo Fahil, her longtime crush. With the help of Theo and the rest of his coven, Belinda learns of magic, bonds, and a lot more trouble than she expected beyond simple studying, partying, and normal college stuff. Even after she joins, there is still so much magic to learn, and certainly so much to learn about raising the dead and the voices inside her head. Still, Belinda joins the coven as their thirteenth member, the cacophony of voices inside her growing louder—so loud she feels she might burst.

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