Announcing Happy Pills at Oregon Fringe Festival 2021!

I’m so excited that my full-length play Happy Pills is being adapted into an audio/radio play and is heading to Oregon Fringe Festival 2021 at the end of April. I’ll have more later, but I hope you will tune in to hear my post-apocalyptic dystopian sapphic play. The actors are blowing me away, and soContinue reading “Announcing Happy Pills at Oregon Fringe Festival 2021!”

When You Wish Upon a Matchstick [flash fiction]

            Once upon a time, when you wish upon a matchstick, you find yourself in a glorious land far beyond the bounds of Earth. This does not necessarily mean that things are great, but when you wish upon that matchstick, striking it and watching the flame grow around the tip in between your eyes andContinue reading “When You Wish Upon a Matchstick [flash fiction]”

Reflection on Climate Change Theatre Action 2019 in Shanghai & Nanjing, PRC

First off, my thoughts are with China in this time as they battle coronavirus. 加油中国! Shanghai Event – November 13, 2019 The Shanghai CCTA event was produced and organized by myself and 张沁心 Ivy Zhang. It was held at the EF People’s Square Center and featured the fellow artist-collaborators in the following CCTA plays: “SteamyContinue reading “Reflection on Climate Change Theatre Action 2019 in Shanghai & Nanjing, PRC”

Value, in its own right.

I believe, as well as many others, that society puts certain things in place in order to shape what we value, creating a certain system of values. Institutions like corporations, churches, schools, and other workplaces push this system onto us in order to mold us into something that fits rather than an entity that explores. We areContinue reading “Value, in its own right.”

Introspection After Abandonment

It’s been quite a bit since I’ve updated here – my apologies. Last semester proved more challenging than I thought it would be, and not just in the academic way. I was stretched to my thinnest strand emotionally as I dove back into severe anxiety and depression. Despite all of this, I sought out therapyContinue reading “Introspection After Abandonment”