What Does It Mean to Make a Difference in the World?

I agonize over this as anyone with existential anxiety does, but especially so as a creator. What does it mean to make a difference in the world? Why are so many of us determined to leave our marks? Who are the people who have reconciled with the marks they will make versus won’t/once wished to?Continue reading “What Does It Mean to Make a Difference in the World?”

Taking a Step Back: Reflecting on Writing and Validation

I’m not discouraged, but I now realize I’m in a place where I need to stop seeking validation. This is something I’ve been working through in my own life and somewhat in therapy, but I believe it’s time I put it fully to practice. For that reason, I’ve decided I’m going to stop submitting andContinue reading “Taking a Step Back: Reflecting on Writing and Validation”

Impossible Right Now

Catharsis is impossible right now. Clarity is impossible right now. Loving family feels impossible right now. Apologies are impossible right now. Normalcy is impossible right now. Sunlight may be impossible right now. Reckoning feels impossible right now. Revolutionizing feels impossible right now. Community is impossible right now. Healing feels impossible right now. Contact feels impossibleContinue reading “Impossible Right Now”

A Letter to Wilde

November 30, 2018 (or you would write it 30 November 2018) Dear Mr. Wilde, or whoever is reading this, First of all, I’m 24 and definitely old enough to understand and believe that there’s not necessarily an afterlife. However, it feels only fitting to address the person in the grave. You were not a perfectContinue reading “A Letter to Wilde”

A Short Response to Welcome to Thebes by Moira Buffini

March 2017. For a play with so many characters, Welcome to Thebes is easy to follow and contained neatly in the world it presents. The playwright Moira Buffini writes in the style of verse yet in her note claims it is not [verse]. At first I disagreed with this statement—obviously it’s verse, it is writtenContinue reading “A Short Response to Welcome to Thebes by Moira Buffini”

A Short Response to Mr. Burns: a post-electric play by Anne Washburn

February 14, 2017.  Reading and seeing Mr. Burns, a post-electric play were two completely necessary and significant experiences. Watching the show here at the University of Iowa helped inform my thoughts from the script itself; however, to those who had not read the play before seeing the show, they expressed confusion and even indifference to whatContinue reading “A Short Response to Mr. Burns: a post-electric play by Anne Washburn”

The Word is “Substitute”

Substitute, as a noun: a replacement, such as almond milk for dairy milk because fuck skim milk, it doesn’t do anything for the cow. A basketball player squelched to the benches unless his coach pries them off in a final moment of need. A surrogate father, a surrogate mother, a surrogate someone you never hadContinue reading “The Word is “Substitute””

Deterioration of the Mind to the Animal in You (Me)

It’s climbing over mountains, passing through them, weaving, rooted structures very much a part of the solid ground you walk on, you live on, you breathe on. You are running, pumping your legs, it doesn’t have to be in a rhythm, it just matters that you run. Run, continuously, over and over again, as fastContinue reading “Deterioration of the Mind to the Animal in You (Me)”