Cheesy Love: a very fake rom-com trailer

COMING SOON A LOVE STORY LIKE NO OTHER [Enter TABITHA, standing imposingly in front of the Old Capitol. She’s small and cute, but not exactly your typical manic pixie dream girl. She crosses her arms. Tries to look tough.] IN A CITY LIKE NO OTHER [Shots of Iowa City on a weekend night: smokers outsideContinue reading “Cheesy Love: a very fake rom-com trailer”

Three Extra Months [flash fiction]

I thrust my foot farther up into the crux of its neck, ignoring the throbbing in my mouth. It snarls, one eye bulging, the other a dark, empty socket. Its scabby, violet hands reach for me as I grasp for the handle of my knife, which now lay too far away from me, thanks toContinue reading “Three Extra Months [flash fiction]”

Horror Chat Fiction Sample

*I wrote this maybe 1-2 years ago, when I was applying to be a horror chat fiction writer for an app. Hope it’s enjoyable and spooky!  Tara’s day stretched itself to its thinnest strand from morning until night, running from one audition to the next. But now, after one final audition, she makes a wearyContinue reading “Horror Chat Fiction Sample”