Time for a Change

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve truly updated or posted. I’m making some changes to my WordPress to reflect more of the present time (2019! Crazy! How is it 2019!).

In between graduating from the University of Iowa in May 2017 and now, I:

  • dramaturged Iowa Summer Rep’s The Importance of Being Earnest (May-June 2017)
  • lived, taught English drama, and performed in Nanjing, China (August 2017-August 2018)
  • moved back to China and then subsequently moved back to the US due to issues with the new teaching job…maybe more details on this at a later date (October-November 2018)
  • am still learning Chinese! 我要学习很多中文。
  • accepted an internship with About Face Theatre in Chicago for Development (December 2018 to present)
  • began teaching/tutoring in reading and oral English online with an awesome company called Ivy Education LLC (December 2018 to present)
  • participating and studying in the Grotowski Institute’s Actor’s Atelier in Paris!!! Woo!!! (December 2018 to present)
  • hustling and freelancing to make end’s meet… after all, America is all about the hustle and even if there is less job insecurity here, that doesn’t mean there are plentiful jobs to fit every person’s experiences/education…

Did I want to move away from China? No, absolutely not. But I’m managing here in the States and am finding the beauty in Chicago too. Plus, I get little excursions to Paris every now and then for my training, so I can’t complain!

Sending love to all my family and friends around the world, whether we’ve talked recently or not. You all always cross my mind.

I’ll blog again soon.


Published by Alyssa C.

Writer & theatre artist from Iowa. Currently quarantining in the Pacific Northwest. MA in Intercultural Communication Studies from Shanghai Theatre Academy (expected 2021).

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