Tick Tock, a musing on the speed of life

Give me time to slow down, to take it all in, to catch up. It moves too swiftly for anything to be sweet. Say what you must, but because I don’t have the time it zips past me without a second thought. If there could just be a simple halt, my body would relax; my soul, my essence. Abandon speed and join me in the slow partaking of a single moment. You won’t have moments like these again. You won’t have me like this again. I’m allowing, trusting more in the breakdown of time than I ever did to the marking of a second. Tick tock, abandon your clock. Ding dong, let’s be as timeless as a song.

Musing 22 – “Tick Tock”

December 26, 2014 – 11:31 a.m.

© Copyright Alyssa Cokinis, 2015. All rights reserved.

I’ve been quite busy, but I’ll have another post up soon. “Musings” are different than “Thoughts.” “Musings” of mine are shorter, feel more like writing, whereas “Thoughts” are even more stream-of-consciousness in which my ideas blurt onto the page. Just felt like pointing that out. Stay tuned. 

Published by Alyssa C.

Writer & theatre artist from Iowa. Currently quarantining in the Pacific Northwest. MA in Intercultural Communication Studies from Shanghai Theatre Academy (expected 2021).

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